Janet Davey

Before embarking on my journey to wellbeing, I struggled immensely with constant pain and constant gut problems, often feeling isolated and nowhere to turn. I hated myself for what I’d become and refused to look in any mirror, so banished sharing photos with my children because I was afraid of what other people would think of how I looked, which I described myself back then, Frumpy, Fat and fragile. The frumpy and fat were self explanatory but the fragile was how my mood swings would create the unbalanced lifestyle I was living.

So when Peace moved North of the country to look after her poorly mum, she reached out to me offering me a service and lifetime experience that I feel confident to say will never go back to the way I was before. This was the start to my Well-being Journey and experiencing the plant medicine herbal remedies, which she kind educated me on which became easily identifiable when suffering with chronic pain and fatigue.

Peace, has an incredible presence and approachable manner which made it easy to generate questions . As my Wellbeing practitioner she was flexible to my needs as an individual, and knowledgeable about the foods I should stay away from to help heal my gut. Her approach to natural healing was amazing aswell as being tailored to my needs was somewhat challenging and yet she took every step at my pace and set tasks that were once constraints in to achievable goals.

So to sum things up, You’re Fantastic, Professional and Knowledgeable tailored to meet peoples needs. So please continue what your doing . Forever in your debt 💜

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