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Medicine Weaver

Rewilding and primal living for a sustainable future


WELCOME, thank you for arriving here, at this point in time, when we are in a world of great change.
For many years now we have been awakening from our deep slumber, eyes wide open to what is arising in these shifting times, when there are much troubling sights around us, much unrest and a heartbeat beneath our feet that is powerful, strong and becoming more and more a part of our own rhythmical dance, we have always danced with our Mother, yet perhaps we never gave it a thought before?
Now, She can’t be quietened and is calling us home, to her loving embrace. Calling us back to the Wild, to Nature, where we truly belong.
Within each of us we carry eons of medicine, the wisdom that has been imprinted upon us throughout our lifetimes, just like carrying a tool bag around, yet ours is deeply written in our cells, waiting to be rediscovered when the time is right. We feel it, we hear it, we can taste it, when we return to our Wild Self, it grows ever more within us, and has an immense power, a power that can feel quite scary when we do not know what the voice we hear or messages around us are, or where they come from. In short, we are powerful beyond our wildest dreams!
Yet, we have been kept silent and dormant for many many years, often lifetimes, so a disconnection has occurred, we have forgotten.

By arriving here, we can travel hand in hand, in circles, round fires, working remotely together via this amazing technological portal, to open the doorways that appear for us, which may appear different to all, yet have that familiar shimmer that guides us to go through and see what’s next!

As a traveller, a meanderer, an explorer of ancient ways, melded with the new, diving into my Wild Self and all that offers, learning that silence and observation, as well as allowing myself to be observed, holds so many revelations as to how we can step away from such a fast paced, consumer led society, placing one foot into the world of “The Other”, whilst able to keep the other foot in the world of the ‘mundane’. Sitting with silence is one of the most important ways we can reconnect to our innate wisdom.
Opening our senses to the wild world around us, all the sounds, smells, tastes and textures, seeing with new eyes, a clarity that before was almost inconceivable, because we live in such a high speed way.

When we strip all this back, even for one day a week for example, our life becomes different.
My Invitation for you is to step forwards on your own journey back to Wild Nature and Nurture, come through the doorway, shake off the day to day, and enjoy the path beneath your bare feet.
Let us lose our minds and find our soul.
Come with me as we travel the realms of wild plant medicine, learning to forage for the plants that heal us, speak to us in their own language and reveal their essences to ours, enabling us to become adept once more at communing with those who are hidden in plain sight.
Come with me as we develop our own way of holding Ceremony, for ourselves and for our communities.
Come with me as we work with all aspects of natural healing, with sound therapy, intuitive touch, creating a clean home free of toxicity,  how to NOURISH our bodies with simple, uncomplicated, PRIMAL and Ancestral foods, and move away from relationships that bring our energy down, be it work or family and friends.
Come join me as we embrace the birthing of a new world.

Who am I?

Standing in my truth
Ancient one
Master Teacher and Healer
Medicine Woman
Ageless One
Key Holder of Knowledge
Whisperer of Secrets
Truth speaker
Walker of the Lower Worlds
Dances with Wolf, Horse, Bear and Crow
Fluent in Silence.

When we return to our true nature we see who we are. The old ways of ‘who we are’ cease to be the same. When we embrace this new ‘eye’ our power is ignited, old patterns show themselves so that they may be released, creating a new flow in our world, and we begin walking

This is my call to all who carry the medicine of ages
It is time to awaken.

“I enter the void to receive
Sacred darkness breaking down, remembering
Blood and bone alone conjuring
Womb and tomb invoke ancestry
I burn with the flame of compassion
Shedding skin in cycles cleanse the burden
Flow free, energy transmutation
Illuminate liberation

I am like the rose, I am stronger than you know
Walk with the cloak of my shadow
So the light of my love may glow

Our blood is the seed, returning the earth to peace
Roots of the womb diving deep
We are returning with the keys
Returning with the keys

Awaken, awaken, awaken, awaken
Remember, remember, your magic, your magic
Awaken, awaken, awaken, awaken
Returning, returning, to freedom, to freedom

Silence we enter
We now remember everything
Pain crack me open
Chains now be broken
Setting free
Fires of passion
Strength of compassion
Open me
Radiant beauty come to embody ecstasy “

Words by Alia and codes of the Rose

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